Best Restaurants in Saudi Arabia

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Saudi Arabia team

Well, here's one thing you won't have any shortage of in Saudi Arabia: the variety and quality of eating spots.

Food here is entertainment, nourishment and an age-old excuse to get together. Food variety is wide-ranging: from traditional Saudi fare to the usual American fast food joints, from the more distant Japanese and Mexican food to the closer Italian and Middle Eastern foods, as well as international cuisine and the restaurants serving up food that can't be tagged with a region or nationality: seafood and steak. Prices, thankfully, are also wide-ranging, so choice is available. But above all, Saudis have a sweet tooth, and desserts are well-loved all year round but especially as celebratory food, eaten during the major Muslim festival days of the year. You'll also find bakeries and cafés offering desserts that range from local, regional and international varieties. But watch out: these are so very difficult not to return to.

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