Best Experiences in Al-Balad

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Saudi Arabia team

Saudi Arabia is not known as a hot spot for fun and activities. But a small amount of effort to find something to do or see in Saudi Arabia will yield unexpected and pleasant surprises.

Saudi Arabia used to hide its treasures. But today, a growing number of residents and visitors are refusing to be idle. They are rediscovering what's out there: ancient towns and fortified castle walls, old adobe dwellings, oases, scuba diving, sailing, agriculture in the desert, date farms, petrol-fuming the sand dunes, camel racing, chasing sandstorms. That last one, well, not yet, but don't dismiss it.Today, the past, present and future of Saudi Arabia are out there in the open. So scale the misty Asif mountains. Or go shopping in an outdoor souq. Visit an international super-food (dates) festival in a remote desert town. Drive along the award-winning Wadi Hanifa wetlands and marvel at what humans can do to aid nature. Visit the rarely trodden path of a Nabatean city: Mada'in Saleh. Nothing will be what you expect, but it will be a unique experience.

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