All visas for entry into Saudi Arabia are through the Saudi diplomatic missions abroad. See the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s website for information on Saudi consular missions in your country.

Passports need to have a six month or more validity period and certain documents will be requested in order to get a visa.

There are various types of visas to Saudi Arabia. These are business, diplomatic and employment visas.

The tourist visa is only granted by a recognized travel agency for groups of people, not to individuals, and who are travelling with the intention to sightsee. Women applicants under the age of 30 must be accompanied by a husband and/or brother and/or father. If older than 30, they must be part of a tour group application.

Umrah and Hajj visas

Umrah and Hajj visas are issued free of charge. Only authorized travel agents can issue visas. The visa allows the traveler to visit Jeddah, Mecca and Medina only. Contact your local Saudi consular mission for a list of authorized Hajj and Umrah agencies.